The Secrets of the Enigma
and other Historic Cipher Machines

By Professor Tom Perera

(208 Pages, 500+ Illustrations)
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The breaking of the Enigma Codes in WWII was one of the defining actions of the whole war. Many books have been written about this as one of the best kept secrets of WW2. Few have looked right inside the Enigma cipher machine itself, but Inside Enigma does just that.

Inside Enigma brings to life how the Enigma machines were used, how the messages were encoded and why the Enigma code was virtually unbreakable. With more than 500 pictures in it's 208 pages, this book explains exactly how these machines were constructed and worked.

Written by Enigma expert Professor Tom Perera, W1TP, Inside Enigma provides a history of these fascinating machines from their predecessors through to the cipher machines of the Cold War. The wartime Enigmas used by the German Army and Navy are covered in much depth, as is, the development of coding machines, into the post-war variants such as the Swiss NEMA, Russian Fialka and American M-209. Readers will even find a guide to finding and buying their own Enigma machine and, if that fails, instructions to build their own modern day version. Inside Enigma includes translations of original Enigma operating instructions and much more.

Inside Enigma is a comprehensive and copiously illustrated handbook covering the secrets of the Enigma Machine and the theory and practice of cipher machines in the 20th century.

The table of contents lists 9 chapters and 3 appendices.


Chapter 1. Early Cipher Machines:
An introduction to early cipher machines with many photographs and descriptions.

Chapter 2. Enigma Machines:
Descriptions, photographs and drawings of the various models of the Enigma.

Chapter 3. German Military Enigma Machines:
Descriptions of the various models of the Military Enigmas and their accessories.

Chapter 4. The Mathematics of the Enigma:
The entire book from the National Cryptological Museum.

Chapter 5. Solving the Enigma:
The various methods used to decipher the Enigma messages.

Chapter 6. Hunting for Enigmas:
Most Enigmas were destroyed at the end of WW-2. This chapter describes successful ways to hunt for the few remaining Enigmas.

Chapter 7. Making your own Enigma:
Descriptions of homemade Enigma machines and sources of information and kits to allow you to build modern versions of the Enigma.

Chapter 8. Japanese, American, and Swiss Cipher Machines:
Descriptions and photographs of these cipher machines.

Chapter 9. Cipher Machines in the Cold War:
Many photographs and extensive descriptions of the Russian FIALKA Cold War cipher machine.

Appendix 1. Original Enigma Manuals (Translated):
English tranlations of the original German Enigma manuals.

Appendix 2. American M-209 Handbook:
The complete instruction manual that was supplied with the widely used American WW-2 M-209 cipher machine.

Appendix 3. Additional Sources of Information:
A brief bibliography and video and website guide.


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Inside ENIGMA and other Famous Cipher Machines: The Technology of the Enigma and other cipher machines with 208 pages and over 500 illustrations. (Order from sources above.)

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