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This 14 minute video presents an accurate depiction of the German WW-II Army 3-rotor Enigma Cipher Machine in action. It begins with a German Officer writing a message and handing it to an Enigma operator. The Enigma operator sets the special code-book determined day's key and then types the message into his Enigma while another officer writes down the Enigma-encoded message text. The second officer then transmites the message by radio to a receiving radio station.

At the receiving radio station, an Enigma operator receives the radio message and then sets his Enigma to the same special code-book determined day's key. He then types in the Enigma encoded message that has just been received. A second Enigma operator writes down the Enigma decoded original text of the message and then hands it to the officer to whom it is addressed. A short descriptive sequence then shows how the light bulbs on an Enigma are tested.

This video is designed to suppliment the material on a CD entitled: The Story of the ENIGMA: History, Technology, and Deciphering... and a book Entitled: Inside Enigma and other Historic Cipher Machines. The contents and ordering information for this CD and book are shown in: The main ENIGMA Museum Page:


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NOTE: I am always interested in photographing or buying very unusual Enigma-related materials, parts, and ALSO unusual Telegraph Keys.

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